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 Mission: Building strong parents support network to stop institutionalised care for autistic people with a learning difficulty , tackling inequality and respecting cultural diversity in social care provision.


Voice for families is a voice for the voiceless. 


Voice for families is a social enterprise formed by parents who have children with autism, learning difficulties and sometimes behaviour that challenges.

The parents here have experienced their children’s detention in locked Assessment and Treatment Units (ATU’s) in hospitals or inappropriate care homes or even  inappropriate supported living .  Some have even died in ATUs.


The voice from parents is not being heard.  Parents are constantly blamed, Parents always feel powerless and bullied.  A huge power imbalance exists in the care system.  We feel it isn’t right that parents can’t be a voice for their children.


Families come from different ethnic groups.  The recent report on 6th  December 2018 from the Independent Mental Health Act (MHA) Review shows that Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) families are far more likely to be subject to compulsory powers under the MHA whether in hospital or in the community. 


We will not tolerate the discrimination that exists in our social care system and want a voice for BAME families.

With current BLM global movement, we wish to further tackle racial inequality in the social care sector.


We are providing a safe on line forum for parents, to exchange their views, concerns and worries about their loved ones in care.  In this way we aim to create a strong support network for parents.

* We look forward to you to  become our member to join our online forum  !


Independent Review of the Mental Health Act 1983,Modernising the "Mental Health Act:Increasing Choice Reducing Compulsion" Final Report 6/Dec/2018

Summary from website

The final report sets out recommendations covering 4 principles that the review believes should underpin the reformed Act:

  • choice and autonomy – ensuring service users’ views and choices are respected

  • least restriction – ensuring the Act’s powers are used in the least restrictive way

  • therapeutic benefit – ensuring patients are supported to get better, so they can be discharged from the Act

  • people as individuals – ensuring patients are viewed and treated as rounded individuals

The review looked at:

  • rising rates of detention under the Act

  • the disproportionate number of people from black and minority ethnic groups detained under the Act

  • processes that are out of step with a modern mental health care system

The page includes an Easy Read version of the report and an analysis of the survey data.


Petition stop the detention of people with autism & learning disability's in ATU'S

 Government responded on 30th Nov 2018,The CQC will review the long term segregation and seclusion.

 Petition: Make private holiday companies who also provide care, be registered with the CQC



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