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Respecting Cultural  Diversity

Base on the final report of the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act which published on 6 Dec 2018 .

It clearly wrote followings:

"One of the most troubling and difficulty area  we have considered is the fact that those from ethnic minority communities are far more likely to be subject to compulsory powers under the act,whether in hospital or in the community ." The profound inequalities that exist  is against human rights law .We should zero tolerance to discrimination.


It is clear every country has its unique culture regarding care and family value and their life style etc . Culture also impacts on the ways which some cultures cope with stress and the way of communication are different. 

When cultural differences are poorly understood, a variety of adverse outcomes may result.

Culture is integral to the person as a unique individual. It impacts greatly on the client's health, and their reactions to treatments and care.

Cultural beliefs, perspectives, values and practices need to be assessed when we have the person centre plan, All aspects of the direct and indirect care of the individual person need to be  modified and changed according to the client's culture and cultural background.


Links about culture in social care

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